Operating equipment sales

As a business partner, you need to be able to count on reliable supplies of top-quality operating equipment and, last but not least, on expert advice and support. That’s why, as a retailer, we focus on being in close proximity to our customers and on providing high quality and excellent service. As an Agrofert Group company, we also stand for a long-term, reliable partnership built on solid foundations. 

In addition to our Group products, we also offer the full range of all customary fertilisers currently found on the market. To enable us to do this, we create and maintain partnerships with all the major European suppliers and retailers. At present, our activities focus on the German agricultural market. However, we are planning to expand our activities to include central Eastern Europe in the future, in keeping with the structure of the Agrofert Group. We smooth out the seasonal peaks of the fertiliser business by providing logistics in close proximity to our customers, using a network of both our own and rented warehouses and goods handling sites. As a rule this means that we are always nearby and can respond to your requirements promptly using high-performance haulage contractors. We maintain a wide range of all popular types of operating equipment for you. This includes both Agrofert Group products and products from other leading manufacturers. We also provide expert advice on the latest developments in agricultural chemistry and agricultural application research. As an additional service, we are also happy to help with finance matters.

Our product range

  • Seeds
  • Fertilisers
  • Pesticides
  • Application advice
  • Finance